SNF Rail/Routing

The purpose of the SNF Rail/Routing Ad Hoc Working Group of the National Transportation Stakeholders Forum is to (1) facilitate a dialogue between federal staff from DOE, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Tribes and States, and other transportation stakeholders, (2) to develop a common understanding of how future rail shipments of spent nuclear fuel will operate, and (3) to identify outstanding issues or questions to resolve in advance of commencing rail-based spent nuclear fuel shipping campaigns. The goal of the working group is to identify key issues relating to rail transport from the NTSF community, address those issues and document work done through white papers or summary reports and make that work available to the NTSF community.

For more information on the working group, contact Co-Chairs Heather Westra (PIIC), Ray Hubbell (Oregon DOT), or DOE-lead Gerard Jackson (DOE-NE) (202-819-1185).

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Rail Routing Workshop (2016-2017)

Rail Transport Safety Webinar Series (2016)

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